The new FA Changes , Are You Ready?

The new changes are out, and in the newspapers, internet and even made the main news. Good or bad …??

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Joey Barton – Respect ?


Queens Park Rangers captain Joey Barton has been banned for 12 matches after being found guilty of two counts of violent conduct.Barton, 29, was sent off in QPR’s defeat at Manchester City on the final day of the season and had accepted a charge over his clash with Sergio Aguero in the wake of his red card.

Some pundits I’ve read this morning, say its over the top ‘ compared to others’ and some say its not enough. The real answer lies in the fact the FA have acted in a way appropriate to stamp their authority on the game!!

Now is Joey the 1st player to be involved in such a scrape? Trawling the Sun this morning they list other players involved in showing a lack of respect in the past. Now Joey has been a bad boy here, though he has a bigger ban than David Prutton for shoving a REF, Paul Davies for punching a player, Di Canio infamous push on the REF and more than Mr Suarez for his racial abuse charge.

Now I’m sure at the start of the season the QPR players if he is still there will NOT come out wearing T-Shirts in support of the player, but what I ask is this!?

Have they banned him for 12 games, as it was the showcase game of the season with millions watching?

To make him an example? If this this the case then why has the RESPECT campaign been in transit for 4 seasons now, not been brought to tuition earlier than this case. Our junior footballers are in touch with he game. They know what goes on.

A 12 game ban is a great warning to others, that this will not be tolerated. But is this the worst lack of none respect we have seen in our English game since the arrival of the RESPECT campaign. Should bigger bans , been enforced on many other incidents to help the campaign? More focus on it so it runs hand in hand with the grassroots game. Stamp it out, they say, though have they done enough at the top end of our game to banish it from our local pitches?

I fear not, though this is certainly a stance that they will not tolerate poor discipline on the pitch, though what have they waited for a high profile player in a high profile game to show they mean business!!?

Should he ( Joey ) been clamped on earlier as he goaded people on Twitter, and began the season on the floor himself at Newcastle. The Geordies just simply sold him on as a ‘ bad egg ‘ QPR signed him , to save their season and the FA say he now needs help. Its maybe the FA that need help in this department, and need to command RESPECT from the players that play under their federation. Ex pro’s become media reporters, and heavily involved in the game. Is their room for some of them to be involved with the running of our game?


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Welcome to Show Some Respect

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Former England winger Chris Waddle enjoys Show Some Respect

As a qualified and experienced coach, there’s not much Chris Kirkham hasn’t seen and done at junior level. Along the way, he has seen and heard many things that have appalled him.

Parents shouting and swearing at terrified kids; referees threatened and verbally abused; children refusing to play-on whilst grown men square up on the touchline.

“Lets make this clear. This is a minority and not a true reflection of the marvellous work that goes into Junior football. Unfortunately, the minority make the news.” Chris Kirkham

Football is a simple game, played for enjoyment. Where did it all go wrong? Why do we need barriers to protect our children from the chaos on the touchlines?

Chris asks all these questions and more as he looks at how the FAs Respect campaign has tried to address some of these issues and sees the progress being made at grassroots level.


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